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Taking a Fairtrade football for a walk


A Day of Days

Today is Blog Action Day, World Food Day, and the birthday of Oscar Wilde and Jedward. In honour of those three Irish greats, today we will eat Divine Fairtrade chocolate muffins at Ysgol Llys Hywel in Whitland, as we prepare to walk westwards towards their homeland (… though only as far as the Oxfam Shop in Haverfordwest today!)
Today is the latest inaugural leg of another extension to what started as the Carmarthenshire Fair Trade Way and is now the South Wales Fair Trade Way.
We’ll be kicking a fairtrade football with along backroads, footpaths and ancient trails, and playing keepy-up in fairtrade schools, cafes and shops.
Why keepy-up? (Other than it being a fantastic word/phrase which takes me back into the realms of street football childhood nostalgia?)
It’s symbolic. (Time for a bit of philosophy football!) (That’s another good blog by the way : )
The keepy-up is symbolic, but not too deep. (Like many things in the world of politics, it is simpler than some would have you believe!) It’s about keeping up promises made, and ideals declared.
Wouldn’t it be lovely if everyone kept their promises… Governments pledging international aid…  companies saying their products are produced ethically… people uniting nations for peace, not war…
So, the idea is… Keep a Fairtrade football up in the air, and keep up the pressure on politicians and companies to stop their promises becoming hot air!
And, while I’m kicking that Fairtrade football, I’ll think, not of my unfulfilled childhood dreams of football stardom, but of children around the world with their unfulfilled dreams of getting out of the sweatshop they’re in, producing footballs for shallow dreamers like me, in my safe European home.
The inequalities in this world are bigger than the gap in talent between Oscar Wilde and Jedward.  Today is a good day to eat Fairtrade muffins, kick Fairtrade footballs, and spread the word about poverty, inequality, and one positive step towards a solution… Working for a world where trade is fair.
 #BAD2014, #Inequality #BlogAction #Don’treallyunderstandhashtagsbutwastolditwouldbegoodtostickthemontheendonblogactionday!!