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Carmarthenshire Fair Trade Way

Walked a couple of yards of the Carmarthenshire Fair Trade Way during Fairtrade Fortnight, with the County’s Countryside Rangers, a Fairtrade cotton producer, an owner of a Fair Trade B&B, local and national campaigners, and representatives from the local council and local school. It was only a photo opportunity, but it showed the possibilities 🙂

phil broadhurst


finding the fairtrade mark

llandeilo primary school and ammanford nursery school both walked fair trade ways around their local co-ops yesterday, finding loads of products with the fairtrade mark.

Swansea Bay Fair Trade Way

Saturday 3rd March :   I woke in the night to the sound of rain, and felt like a sad holidaymaker in a damp tent! But sunshine mixed with showers while we were on the bus into Swansea… and then there was only sunshine on the walk! It may be because our walk was featured in The Salvation Army’s War Cry newspaper that morning, but it did seem that God was on our side!

We also like to think that Swansea Council are on our side, and they have been very supportive in lots of ways… but it does seem that, despite frequent reminders, the cafĂ© at the County Hall which claims to be a Fairtrade cafĂ© does not actually seem to have any Fairtrade tea or coffee available to purchase! One thing we chatted about on this Fairtrade Meeting On The Move was the way that sometimes, after Town/City status has been achieved, things slip away as the focus moves off campaigning for cafĂ©s to stock Fairtrade. An important role these Ways can have is to help monitor, reinvigorate and inspire outlets.
We took a photo of us on the prom by the sign to the council cafĂ©… and here it is to show you which way to go to ask them to stock fairtrade.

Swansea Bay Fair Trade Way 2012

No such problems at the end of the walk at the wonderful Red Café. Even Fairtrade Pasta and Rice based meals for lunch! (and Fairtrade brownies were particularly welcomed by those of us who were walking back to town!)
We also discovered a nice alternative ending for the Way, if The Red Café is closed (It generally only opens in school holidays or for events) : The Kitchen Table, just a few doors down, is a lovely little cafe promoting fairtrade, organic and local.

We were joined at The Red CafĂ© by Silva, who was late for the start of the walk as she was finishing her short film on Fairtrade, which then got its international premiere in The Red CafĂ© – Where better? You can see it at or soon on
(Our youth wing developed an alternative to the route, which included long stops at the parks on the beach and at Blackpill, and then jumping on the Land Train to catch us up!)

On the way home we stopped at The Vetch, which used to be Swansea City’s ground, and has now been developed into community allotments as part of the Cultural Olympiad. They had just built a canteen area. I will be down soon with Fairtrade Tea and Coffee!

phil broadhurst

Canton Fair Trade Walk

On February 29th, Walking for Health sponsored a Fair trade walk from Chapter Arts Centre in Canton. We were all very thankful for the brilliant weather and all of the Spring flowers already blooming in Thompsons Park and Victoria Park for us to enjoy! There were 45 people on the walk and we all enjoyed the mix of parks and urban streets with the sun shining.

Jenn Nelson
Walking for Health & Outdoor Cardiff Co-ordinator